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Today’s luxury Buyers have incredibly high expectations. Understanding the intangible element that moves a Buyer to choose your property over a competing property is the single most important selling tool your Broker has. Effective staging creates a powerful differentiating factor for your property, and a level of luxury that resonates with the upscale demographic.

In staging your home, the first thing to do is declutter and depersonalize your space. Removing all personal photos and figurative art, enables prospective Buyers to envision their life in your home—without being distracted by details of your life or your personal taste. Next are walls: A fresh coat of neutral paint can instantly transform any room (i.e. think greys, not white) and creates a canvas that will go well with any color scheme. Lastly, adding floor-to-ceiling sheers to frame windows makes ceilings appear higher, and adds a soft sophistication–without sacrificing natural light.

Cheryl Eisen

Interior Marketing Group