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Congratulations on your new home!  Keep things fresh and organized by moving with only what you love and will really use.  Now is the time to “lose in the move”:

  • Don’t move anything  that you don’t like, can’t use or doesn’t fit you or your new home.
  • Give away those gifts you never liked or don’t use.  Sentimental items can be photographed and “saved” digitally, always available for viewing.
  • There are several ways to leave these items behind – through a charity and receive a tax deduction, or sell on ebay or through an auction house. Whether you sell or give to charity, be sure to keep the correct paperwork for tax purposes.  
  • If you don’t have the time to sort before you move, sort and pass on or discard as you unpack. Don’t put away in your new home anything that you don’t wish to keep.Be careful of the storage unit trap. You can spend a lot of money on a storage unit keeping things that you will never use. Consider the cost of storage versus the cost of buying the item new in the event you ever do need it again.

Moving into a new home is very exciting.  Getting rid of things that don’t work for you is very cleansing and makes room for what you really need or want.  What a great way to start off in your new home.


Celeste M. Sant’Angelo

Rosemary & Tyme